::People of the sun::

Yeah, that'll do. Ta!

Suddenly, high spirits


Plan of the day? Go for a swim, have a beer, kiss your girl/boy/whatever, feel good, catch a fish, kill a deer, fight an idiot, race your car, jump the gun, have a dispute, throw the television out of the window, smile, ride your bike, write a book, or at least read one, walk your walk, stop smoking, start again, blow the whistle, like it, invite your neighbor over for diner, sing your favorite song, over and over, again and again, burn crosses, recall the good times, call your ex, and hang up, call again and hang up again, laugh, laugh some more, search for that one special photo you couldn’t find for the last few years, find it, burn it, have a breakdown, recover, get a side cut, feel 90ies again, buy that concert ticket, cook fantastic food, share good wine with even better friends, think of the awesome times you had, feel young, party hard, no risk, no fun, take the waves and speed, hang loose and never forget: Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me.

Sound of the day: Major Lazer – Too Original

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