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It could have been you…

…or me.

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Still going

Dicke Bertha Over the last few weeks I was pretty close to edge. I had that strange feeling I needed a change and probably a new car. So I took a good look at the Net, visited a few dealers, took test-drives and enjoyed the probably near-future feeling of driving a new shiny vehicle. It didn’t last long.

That feeling faded away, as fast as it appeared. See, I just couldn’t do it. It would have been betrayal of a good friend, someone I know for a pretty long time. My car has character, is a very friendly soul and only 25 years old. How could I leave her? Impossible!

Man, I just couldn’t break her heart and exchange her for someone younger. I couldn’t.

Just for the stats: 380.000 k’s of pure lust, joy and fantastic entertainment.

Sound of the day: Spiritual Beggars – Angel Of Betrayal

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Life tip

Out... Being awesome is easy.

Just be.

Sound of the day: Bad Religion – Damned To Be Free

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“Seat belts must be worn…Until the vehicle is on fire.”


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Freakin’ awesome!

Yeah, Berlin rocks!

Looking good is not a crime…

Sound of the day: Herr Koenig – Meer Sonne

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Your blog sucks.

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Thought of the day

... Some people just don’t know when to stop. They don’t get it and they don’t care. They just talk, talk, talk. They don’t understand anything. They don’t adjust. They don’t cope. Some people know nothing about life, nothing about their surroundings and nothing about history. And they don’t want to. They are not some extreme lefties trying to escape our society or build a better world. They are not your neighbors. They are not nice. They don’t agree with you and if they do, they make sure you don’t notice it. Some people try to be cool and are just so fucking lame. Some people think they are better than you.

If you had one wish right now, what would that be?

I wish some people would just shut the fuck up!

Sound of the day: The Soft Pack – Answer to Yourself

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State of mind


Freakin’ awesome!

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