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Happy SysAdmin Day!

Praise your SysAdmin and be nice to him. He needs it. Maybe give him a hug now… :-)


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(12:16:30 AM) Kerstov: hab ich nicht feundnben
(12:16:35 AM) Kerstov: ???
(12:16:37 AM) Kerstov: gefunden
(12:16:54 AM) Dj Gerd&Guenther: feundnben = gefunden?
(12:16:57 AM) Dj Gerd&Guenther: respekt.

Manches bedarf keiner Erklärung.

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I’m off, leaving the building having just one final thought: “Yeah! Y-E-A-H!!!”

Summer is coming and I’m ready to enjoy it. Feel free to be yourself, leave your cage and smile.

I’m doing the same. Right now.

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