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“The idea that all ideas are partly true, partly false, and partly meaningless is partly true, partly false and partly meaningless.”

Hagbard Celine

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...notgreen... Dreamed again way too strange, even for my personal taste. Everything started rather easy but got worse pretty soon. I can’t go into details too much since the situation was a bit too disturbing. Long story cut short: Random people suddenly stepped out of my TV, good friends turned into flesh eating zombies, my teeth fell out surprisingly while black cats crossed my way the whole time. In the end I went berserk and killed everyone. Even the cats. I have to admit I seemed to enjoy it a lot.

Well, the good thing in my dreams is that I never die. I just grow stronger and fight the evil. I might change my profession and do for a living what I obviously can do best in my dreams:

Go nuts.

Sound of the day: Salvador Santana – Don’t do it

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Jann Modell

Seen on a side street, last weekend. Trash deluxe.


Sound of the day: The CB’s – Misdemeanour

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Upgrade your time

...neverslowdown... Got up at 5.20, showered, had some fast breakfast, drove 400 km’s to my client, worked 8 hours and a little more, got tired, went to the hotel, ate something, hung around just to realize that it’s the end of the month, again. Yeah, I know, that sounds awful but was in fact not too bad. Some days seem to be pretty tough whereas being in fact just busy and maybe, well, maybe a bit too fast.

Strangely enough, I’m often be able to do more things on days I’m already very busy while on the other hand fail to accomplish very simple tasks on days I have nothing to do. True fact. 

...getdown...I like the second category a lot more. I like wasting time. I like being lazy, looking back at the day thinking I have given nothing to this world. Exactly nothing. Nothing I can be proud of. While thinking of this, it makes a lot of sense.

Remember: There’s nothing better than spending some premium time outdoors being totally absorbed in your private universe. You might try it one day…


Sound of the day: Weezer – Hash Pipe

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