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Alive and kicking in 2015!


Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!
Hey ho, sometimes it’s pretty hard to choose the right words about something and I must admit I’m struggling with words describing last year. See, I welcome 2015 with open arms and can’t even exactly tell why. 2014 has again been like a roller coaster ride, maybe even more than the years before. We were kind on the run, moved twice, traveled to Haiti, DomRep, The Netherlands, France and lived for a few months in Belgium. And, we enjoyed it a lot! Then suddenly Dad fell pretty ill and everything came to a standstill.
2014 has been a great, exciting, eventful and at the same time tough and tiring year. So much has happened it’s actually hard to keep track of all impressions. Personally, I don’t regret a thing and I’ll probably like to keep on living like this in 2015, if I’m up to it. :-) The plan for 2015 is to stay optimistic and hope for the best, it will probably come out all right. Most importantly dad needs to recover. We will travel a bit more, try to keep in touch with the people we love and to make more awesome friends. We might even want to visit you again in your fancy place, wherever you are. Apply here! :-)

Sounds like a plan? Sounds like a plan.
Good. See you on the other side, my friend. See you alive and kicking in 2015.

Sound of the day: De fofftig Penns – Löppt

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“We wanted to cross the mountains, so we went to the mountains…”

Clement Beauvais

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Welcome back, my friend

Tree of the day

“Do you remember me?” mumbles the tree while we walk past.
In fact I do, I think to myself, in fact I do…
I will come back, my friend, as always! See you next year.

Sound of the day: Mi3 Crysis

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Luik dreams


We will still have pasta when the world ends.

Sound of the day: Soom T & LMK – Critically Boom ( GrAaM Remix )

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Oldie but goldie.

Sound of the day: Hippie Slapper – Nazi zombie anal piss

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