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Blue deer


Sound of the day: Hilltop Hoods — The Hard Road

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Win. Like, not

The Old Lady needed a timeout and as a result I had to waste my precious Sunday on the highway waiting for towing service. Fair enough, to be honest. 401.000+ kilometers and still counting. 25 years of joy. And, I had a great day tanning in the sun. Fuck, yeah. ;-)=

Sound of the day: Billy Talent – River Below

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“My vision becomes blurry.”

Dr. Strange

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Real world

Someone asked a few days ago where all the pics featured on our happy site come from. Well, it’s fairly easy…we took them with our cameras or mobile devices (!). Ha. Well, to be completely honest, some are even scans of old analog photos of us or close family members. A pretty decent amount of these pics were taken in Australia, the Eifel or on countless trips around Europe or other friendly parts of the world. We never made any arrangements to take the perfect photo and we currently don’t even use any fancy cameras. We shoot quick and dirty and try to just capture the moment. Feel free to like them.

Sound of the day: Bliss n Eso – Down by the River

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The beauty of summertime…

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