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Happy times

Seems to be the perfect plan.

Sound of the day: The White Stripes – Hypnotize

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How to rule the world


Never, ever stop fighting for your beliefs! Fight for your rights. Fight for more beer. Fight for the society of bird lovers. Fight, just for the sake of it. Fight till you drop. You’ll get up eventually. Fight for things you ever wanted to be in place. Fight for your right to fight. Fight for nothing. Fight windmills. Fight the war. Fight idiots. Fight religions. Fight stupidity. Fight your own restraint. Fight for beaches wherever you want them to be.  Fight till you are happy with what you have achieved. Fight for yourself. 

You pick your weapons. Or don’t.

Fight! Fight, but fight fair.

Sound of the day: Pennywise – Fight till you die

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Invading Russia! Remember: It was a damn good time when you can’t stop thinking of it.


Sound of the day: Youth Brigade – I hate my life

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Modern heros


We hang in there!

Sound of the day: The Hives – Here we go again

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